What Would You Like To Know?


15 years ago, Bill Hobson had a dream of bringing entertaining golf talk to
the radio. After securing commitments from 5 small radio stations in 1999, the
show has grown each year since. None of that growth would have been possible
without the early faith and confidence shown by the Buick Open marketing
leadership. They were willing to take a chance and support the show, thus
allowing us to get on the air and stay there!
We scour numerous national and regional golf news sources to identify the top
stories, key people, recent innovations, and bubbling controversies that will be
of interest to our statewide radio audience. Story ideas are always welcome.
Please feel free to send along items you think would fit the bill of fun,
entertaining, informative golf talk
If you were fortunate enough to win a prize from MGL, please give us 30 days
for delivery. In many cases, we're waiting for your prize to arrive in our
offices so we can send it to you.
Now THAT'S funny! Not even close. Bill's handicap hovers in the 5-6 range.
That swing you see on MGL-TV is edited. Heavily edited.
We pick only the places you would want to visit. Then, we work closely with the
marketing department of those destinations to see if their budget allows for the
production and airing of the show. If you have a favorite course/resort that you
believe should be featured on MGL, please let them and us know!
One of Bill's favorite things to do is speak at banquets, emcee charity events, and get out to meet golf fans. If you have an event you'd like to invite him to, please share the key details by clicking here. You can also visit www.hobsonmedia.com for more information about having Bill speak at your event.
Please click here to send any questions you would like answered!